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Superluminal Medicines is a generative biology and chemistry company developing a differentiated pipeline and revolutionizing the speed and accuracy of how medicine is created. The company’s platform creates candidate-ready compounds with unprecedented speed using a comprehensive combination of deep biology and chemistry expertise, machine learning, and proprietary big data infrastructure.

Our predict-design-test architecture accurately models protein shapes and designs highly selective compounds to target the precise structural change for therapeutic effect.



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August 28, 2023 Superluminal Medicines Launches with $33 Million Seed Round to Fuel its Drug Discovery Engine and Pipeline of Small Molecule Therapeutics » FULL RELEASE

Our Team

Yamina A. BerchicheYamina A. Berchiche
LinkedInYamina A. Berchiche
Senior Director, Biology
Jiming ChenJiming Chen
LinkedInJiming Chen
Computational Chemist
Cony D'CruzCony D'Cruz
Cony D'Cruz
Co-founder & CEO
Mehdi JokarMehdi Jokar
LinkedInMehdi Jokar
Machine Learning Engineer
Marek OrzechowskiMarek Orzechowski
LinkedInMarek Orzechowski
Director, Computational Chemistry
Min-Sun ParkMin-Sun Park
LinkedInMin-Sun Park
Senior Computational Chemist
Akshaya RavishankarAkshaya Ravishankar
LinkedInAkshaya Ravishankar
Program Manager, Drug Discovery
Murco Ringnalda Murco Ringnalda
LinkedInMurco Ringnalda
SVP, Head of Operations
Kayla TiftKayla Tift
LinkedInKayla Tift
Administrative Coordinator
Zhonghui XuZhonghui Xu
LinkedInZhonghui Xu
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Ajay YekkiralaAjay Yekkirala
LinkedInAjay Yekkirala
Co-founder & SVP, Head of Discovery
Yang-Ming ZhuYang-Ming Zhu
LinkedInYang-Ming Zhu
SVP, Head of Engineering
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